Steps 2 Selling April 25, 2022

Minimalist Approach to Selling your Home

I have written extensively about prepping your home to sell. My Post Decluttering Your Home walks you room by room in getting it ready to sell.  I even have a 19-step process that covers everything you need to know during the home selling process.

But I am reading a really good book – Effortless by Greg McKeon.  He talks about simplifying everything you do.


So here you go:

5 Steps in Selling your Home

  1.  Pack EVERYTHING that you don’t need in the next 60 days
  2. Paint/touch up all walls that need it – hire this out!!!
  3. Clean your home!! Scrub it!! – hire this out!!!
  4. Refresh your landscaping – hire this out!!!
  5. List with ME!  I will handle everything else