Step 18: Closing Day!

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Step 18: Closing Day!

Closing day is finally here! You have earned it!

Inspection?- done

Appraisal? - done

Inspection repairs? - done

Loan documents are in? - done

Signing at escrow? - done

Packed and moved? - done? (Ok almost no one is fully moved until the day of closing)

Final walk-through? - done

Final lender review? - done

Now we wait for escrow to record the deed at the County. This usually takes place at about 5 pm and we get recording numbers around 6 pm. By contract you will have until 9 pm to finish moving and cleaning. But 99% of the time sellers are completed and we give the keys to the buyer.


This has been an amazing journey - from getting your home ready to actually selling it to moving - Wow!