Step 13: Time to Start Packing!

It is time to Start Packing!

Wow! A lot of work has been done to get this far.

  • Buyers and Sellers have come to an agreement

  • The buyer has completed their inspection

  • Buyer and Seller have negotiated any repairs

  • The Appraisal is completed

We can almost see the end of the road to reaching the goal of selling your house.

So now you can begin to start packing. It’s time to schedule movers. It looks like this is really going to happen.



Things do happen.

The buyer can lose their job.

There can be a loan problem that “just popped up”.

And a thousand other little problems. I work hard to minimize surprises from a lender and buyer. I am in constant contact with the lender and buyer’s agent. Maybe this is why in my years of working as a Broker I have only had one sale fall apart at the last minute.

Because this is far and few between you are just going to have to act like we are closing on time and on schedule.

Unless we have negotiated a post-closing rental agreement with the buyer you will need to completely vacate your home by closing. This is approx. 6 pm on the day of recording. We are talking fully moved out and the home is clean for the new owners.

Most sellers move the day before. By this point, we know the sale is going to close. Everyone has signed the paperwork at escrow and we are just waiting for the sale to record with the county.

We will be discussing these timelines as the time comes but please:

Feel free to call me at any time @ 253-988-8252


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