Step 2: Professional Photography

Professional Photography

We are so close to getting your home on the market! The last step is professional photography. I will let you know a few days in advance when the appointment is taking place. The appointment itself will take about 1 hour for condos and 1 – 3 hours for single-family homes/townhouses, depending on the size. You do not need to be home for the appointment. I pay for the photos; there is no cost to you.

Here are my pro tips for ensuring great photos:

  • – Remove any cats or dogs from the home or put them in a crate during the photography appointment

  • – Hide any pet beds, bowls, toys, etc

  • – Make your bed

  • – Put all dishes away

  • – Turn on all lights and make sure all light bulbs, especially those in lamps, are working

  • – The day before the professional photo appointment, take your own camera or smartphone and snap pics of your home. If a room looks too cluttered in your photos, declutter it even more.

  • – During the photographs, we will likely move a lot of things in your home. We do our very best to put things back where they were but don’t be surprised if you come home to find a few things out of place. We apologize in advance, but we want your photos to look the absolute best they can look and this often involves moving items to get the best shots.

We often photograph amenities in the building, such as exercise rooms or parking garages, in condos or nearby amenities in the neighborhood, such as parks or playgrounds, for single-family homes. If there is anything in particular you want to make sure we photograph, just let me know.

It usually takes 24 hours to get the photos back. As soon as they are back, I will be able to order flyers, custom sign, and develop the website.

Have any questions? Text or call me @253-988-8252

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